Why Reading Mate Exists

Reading Mate exists because we believe that there should be no barrier for children of all ages and abilities to read. We believe that regular reading has amazing benefits that all children should have access to, importantly this includes equal opportunities in education. And, it can be fun too.

For many children, what was once a fun activity reading with their loved ones is now a task. Let’s change this and get kids excited about reading!

Reading Mate exists to help teachers and parents align

At Reading Mate, we know that teachers and parents have more in common than they may think. Especially when it comes to how we manage technology through childhood.

Not only do we share the best interests of our children at heart. But we also like time saving tools that help us to keep up with the demand and never-ending needs of our little darlings.

As a teacher, I want to be able to work alongside parents without feeling like I am preaching. After all, you wouldn’t take your child to get a haircut without some consultation about the desired outcome first.

Reading Mate exists to be the perfect partner to any parent or teacher who might need a little support. Whether that’s support with getting or keeping their child reading.

Reading Mate exists to battle technology

As a secondary English teacher, the biggest challenge I faced was how often I had to compete with technology. As well as, my students growing addiction to it.

But it’s hard to persuade already attention-deficit teenagers of the joy of reading. But up against an iPhone, it was a battle I could not win.

In fact, it is almost impossible to convince teenagers to swap their precious phones for a copy of Dickens.

Reading Mate exists because of current curriculum challenges

Perhaps my recommendations were sometimes off (or curbed by the curriculum). But by the time your child has reached adolescence, their routines, behaviours and habits are already established. As a result, your teenager is quite stubborn and rather difficult to change.

As a parent, I’m sure you’ve found yourself facing similar hurdles.

However, research shows that parents who love reading naturally instil a love of reading in their children. Even from a young age.

Reading Mate is every parent’s assistant; it will enable and encourage a healthy appetite for reading.

Why is it important for children to read?

During my years of teaching English I have experienced first-hand how wide the reading gap is. I saw the divide between readers and non-readers reflected in vastly differing attainment.

But it’s not just me, research shows that there is a link between regular reading and school performance.

How can we close the reading gap?

There is a large gap in achievement between secondary school learners who read books for pleasure and those who do not.

No matter where your child sits on the scale of reading for pleasure, Reading Mate will support you to provide children with equal opportunities in education.

In fact, our app will help you to track their reading from any stage.

We want you to use Reading Mate as a support tool. And as something that you can rely on to keep your child reading.

We believe that by making reading a habitual behaviour from an early age, parents can equip their children with a life-long love of books.

Why is reading for pleasure so important for our children?

Reading for pleasure has been associated not only with increases in reading attainment. But also with writing ability, text comprehension, grammar, breadth of vocabulary and more!

The enjoyment of books and reading:

  • Supports and widens our understanding of attitudes
  • Provides self- confidence as a reader
  • Provides a deeper pleasure and tool for relaxation in later life
  • Fosters a greater general knowledge

Crucially, reading also gives us a better understanding of other cultures, community and participation. In addition, it provides greater insight into human nature and decision-making.

What parent wouldn’t want that for their child?

Let’s change attitudes towards reading

Reading Mate exists to drive a passion and love for reading. But we also want to shift the perception and rhetoric that surrounds it. I discuss this further in the Education on Fire podcast, as well as delving deeper into our mission and how Reading Mate came to be.

One barrier I face as a teacher is that children see books as boring. To read a book is seed as a chore or a task.

Very rarely is it seen as the preference or the better option.

However, Reading Mate takes the complications and labour out of this process for parents and children.

How the Reading Mate app works

Our app is designed for parents to use alongside their children’s reading journey.

Effectively track your child’s reading habits

You’ll be able to watch how your child progresses with their reading. Without any interference or pressure from standardised tests.

Reading Mate will provide your child with incentives and encouragement too.

Review the books they have finished

You can help your child discuss each book and review it. In fact, comprehension is crucial to the process and pleasure of reading.

It helps kids to understand context and identify plots, character and voice. And this is all part of the fun.

Select the books they enjoy

Reading Mate will suggest books they could enjoy next, based on their previous book choices.

It lets your child rate their own reading level

As well as this, parents will be able to rate how difficult or easy your child found the book. This is in order to make the next suggested books an accurate reflection of your child’s potential.

There’s a wide book choice for all ages and abilities

As a teacher in a SEND school I teach many students who read lower level books.  Some are younger than the child’s biological age. But sometimes these are very much the only books they want to read.

I have also received countless requests from parents asking:

“what else can Jimmy read that isn’t David Walliams or Horrid Henry?”

And this is why Reading Mate is an excellent tool. Because we are inclusive of all children regardless of preference, age, stage or ability.

Reading Mate exists to build confident readers

Reading Mate exists because we want to make a fundamental difference in the reading habits of children.

We want to encourage our children to be confident readers from as early as possible. We believe they can carry and utilise these skills into adulthood.

Most parents have vastly differing opinions on how to raise their child. From what to feed them, where they should go to school etc.

However, there is one thing that all parents have in common: we all want what is best for them.

Reading Mate wants what’s best for our children too.

And we’re passionate in our ability to nurture generations of eager readers.

We want to encourage your child to be a confident reader, an informed reader or a willing reader. As a result, they will have priceless tools to ensure they can make healthy and balanced life choices.

Children who read become adults that think.

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