Putting books into the hands of every child

Reading is the gateway to learning. At Reading Mate, we harness technology to ensure equal and fair access to books for all children.

Because every child deserves their own story

Our Story, Our Mission

Founded in 2020 by James, a self-professed bookworm, and Hannah, a former Head of English, Reading Mate exists to improve equality and fairness in the way children access books.

By constantly following this North Star, we have launched products that have revolutionised access to books for teachers, parents, and children, both in the UK and in 13 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to empower educators, engage families, and inspire children to become lifelong readers. We strive to bridge the gap in book accessibility and ensure that every child has the opportunity to develop a love for reading.

Our Values

We believe in making things straightforward and accessible. Our products are designed to be easy to use, ensuring that both children and adults can navigate them without difficulty. Simplicity in design and function helps us focus on what truly matters: putting more books in the hands of children.

In a world full of distractions, we aim to create a serene and focused reading environment. Our platforms are designed to minimise stress and provide a calm space where children can immerse themselves in books, allowing them to develop a deeper connection with reading.

Curiosity drives learning and discovery. We encourage children to explore new worlds and ideas through reading. Our extensive library and interactive features are designed to spark curiosity, inspiring a lifelong passion for knowledge and learning.



“Since we started using Reading Hub, I’ve seen such a difference in my pupils’ attitude towards reading. I think this is down to the amount they have to choose from and the fact that they can use technology to do it! It feels like we’re meeting our pupils where they are and making reading accessible to their needs and interests. The web app has been a great help to monitor each of my pupils’ reading progress. It allowed me to identify those who needed extra support and to celebrate those who achieved their reading milestones in a subtle yet impactful way. The increase in reading engagement among FSM-eligible pupils was particularly encouraging. This digital innovation has truly revolutionised how we approach reading in our classroom.”

Mrs. Johnson, Year 6 Teacher


“As a parent of a child with additional needs, reading hasn’t always been a popular pastime. Not just because books are so expensive but it’s really hard finding books that interest my son. Reading Hub has changed that. Now, he has access to thousands of eBooks and doesn’t even need reminding to read because they’re right there on his iPad! I’ve also appreciated how organised the app makes everything. Not having to keep track of reading diaries and books gives me one less thing to think about!.”

Ms. Ellis, Parent of Year 6 Pupil


“I love using Reading Hub! There’s loads of new books to choose from, and I can read them anywhere on my tablet. It’s cool to see how many books I’ve read. I think getting the rewards for reading more books has helped me keep going. I like being able to write comments about the books straight after reading instead of having to bring my reading diary with me everywhere.”

Emily, Year 6 Pupil

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