Every child can love to read... they just haven't found the right book.

Once upon a time there was an English teacher called Hannah.

Hannah taught in secondary schools and complex needs schools. She thought no one could match her love for reading, but then she met James. He slept with an encyclopaedia under his pillow as an 8-year-old!

Hannah felt anxious and exasperated by the rapidly declining levels of reading in children. James suggested doing something about it. And Reading Mate’s story began.

Open hearts

Reading helps children grow their understanding of people and the world. It fosters creativity, acceptance of others and openness to new experiences.

We’re dedicated to opening doors. We bring teachers, learners and parents together to share the joy of reading.

Feed curiosity

Reading expands children’s minds and sparks their imaginations. It’s a virtuous cycle - the more they read, the more they want to learn.

We’ll make inspiring books accessible to all. We’re always hungry for knowledge to better ourselves and society.

Brave the unknown

Being better at reading makes learning much easier across all subjects. It provides the confidence every learner needs to take on the world.

We challenge ourselves and the status quo. We’re not afraid to stand up for the interests of every child.