12 books for 12-year-olds

Reading is a wonderful way to explore new worlds, expand our horizons, and ignite our imaginations. For young readers aged 12 and above, finding engaging and age-appropriate books can be a thrilling adventure. In this blog post, we present a carefully curated list of 12 books for 12 year olds from the Reading Hub digital library that are perfect for young readers. Among the must-read titles are “Pony” by R.J. Palacio and “The Firebug of Balrog County” by David Oppegaard – click to check out our resources for these books!

Without further ado…let’s dive into these captivating stories!

“The Clackity” by Lora Senf

“The Clackity” presents an enchanting fantasy world where a brave young girl named Eloise embarks on a magical quest to uncover the truth behind the mysterious sounds she hears. This imaginative and captivating story will capture the hearts of readers of all ages!

“The Firebug of Balrog County” by David Oppegaard

“The Firebug of Balrog County” is a gripping tale that blends mystery and adventure. With its intriguing characters and a series of fires plaguing the town, this book offers an enthralling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

“Tales to Keep You Up at Night” by Dan Poblocki

For those seeking spine-tingling thrills, “Tales to Keep You Up at Night” is a collection of hauntingly suspenseful stories. Dan Poblocki masterfully weaves together eerie tales that will leave readers eagerly turning the pages while peeking over their shoulders.

“The Girl in Black” by CJ Loughty

In this gripping psychological thriller, CJ Loughty introduces readers to a young girl named Alice, who finds herself tangled in a web of secrets and danger. “The Girl in Black” is a suspenseful page-turner that explores themes of identity and survival.

“The City Heroes And Other Stories from the Heart of Africa” by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Celebrating African culture and folklore, “The City Heroes And Other Stories from the Heart of Africa” offers a collection of captivating tales. Readers will be immersed in a vibrant world filled with heroes, mythical creatures, and valuable life lessons.

“Flynn 01 – Falling Fast” by Sophie McKenzie

“Falling Fast” introduces readers to Flynn, a talented teen skater whose world turns upside down when she uncovers a shocking secret about her family. Sophie McKenzie’s emotionally charged story explores love, trust, and the pursuit of one’s passions.

“Books of Bayern 01 – The Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale

Shannon Hale’s “The Goose Girl” is a captivating fantasy novel that weaves together elements of magic, adventure, and self-discovery. This enchanting tale follows the journey of Princess Ani as she learns to harness her inner strength and find her true identity.

“Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders” by Ransom Riggs

“Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders” explores themes of belonging, bravery, and the power of friendship. With its unique blend of fantastical elements and a touch of darkness, the book captivates readers and invites them to embark on a breathtaking adventure alongside unforgettable characters.

“The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha” by Lloyd Alexander

This thrilling fantasy novel follows the story of Lukas-Kasha, a young man with two extraordinary lives. A story filled with magic, mystery, and memorable characters. Lloyd Alexander crafts a compelling narrative that explores themes of destiny and personal growth.

“The Marked Children” by Thea Booysen

In “The Marked Children,” Thea Booysen introduces readers to a group of children with unique abilities who find themselves caught in a battle against dark forces. This captivating tale of friendship, courage, and adventure will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. Definitely deserves a place on this list of 12 books for 12 year olds!

“The Monster’s Daughter” by Deborah Bryan

Deborah Bryan’s “The Monster’s Daughter” is a thought-provoking novel that delves into themes of identity and acceptance. Through the eyes of a young girl named Lina, readers embark on a journey that challenges societal norms and highlights the power of empathy.

“Pony” by R.J. Palacio

“Pony” takes readers on an emotional journey of courage, friendship, and self-discovery. This heartfelt novel, written by the acclaimed author of “Wonder,” follows the story of a young girl named Silvia and her special bond with a remarkable pony named Comet.


Exploring the literary world is an incredible adventure for young readers. Reading Hub offers a diverse range of books that cater to various interests and genres. In this blog post, we highlighted twelve exceptional titles – 12 books for 12 year olds!

Whether you’re seeking heartwarming stories, spine-tingling thrills, or epic fantasy adventures, these books offer engaging narratives, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes. They will undoubtedly captivate the minds and imaginations of young readers, taking them on unforgettable literary journeys.

So, grab a cozy spot, delve into these remarkable books, and let Reading Hub ignite your love for reading. Remember, there are countless more stories waiting to be discovered, so let your imagination soar and embark on new literary adventures with every page you turn. Happy reading!

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