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      Reading Hub is the first education technology company that connects reading at home with reading in school and focuses on a love of reading.

      What aspect of Reading Hub got you interested? Is it the enchanting eBook library? Focus on a love of reading? Or potential to increase parental engagement?

      I’d love to know what it is that lead you to trial and engage with RH!

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      Budget is an issue at my school, so we are keen to figure out keeping our library materials up to date cost-effectively. So far the chn have really enjoyed the books on offer.

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        Hi Thomas! Thank you for your reply. I’m so glad to hear your pupils are enjoying the books available!

        Remaining cost-effective for schools is important to us – we truly want to get books into the hands of children.

        If your pupils have any ideas about other books they’d like to see in the eBook library, you can submit them using our Request a Book form, here:

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