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      There is a lot of debate online and in parent and educator circles on the topic of eBook vs. paper book. With screen time on the rise, what do you think about a transition to eBooks for learners? Should eBook time be limited? What are the benefits of eBooks and why should we incorporate them into classrooms?

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      I love print books and have shelves and shelves of them at home. I also think it is important for kids to get the feel of a print book, turn the pages, etc.

      BUT I do see the enormous value in eBooks and the access they grant. There is no way that every learner in my class would be able to get to 2000 eBooks in their home, without the power of eBooks.

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        Thanks for your input Sam.

        I am also a massive fan of having books on shelves, but agree that there’s no arguing with the benefits of eBooks!

        eBooks make reading accessible in the best ways possible- for learners with SEN and those who do not have shelves of books in their houses.

        The cost of eBooks can be close to that of print books, but with Reading Hub books are always free for learners to access at home, and cost per eBook works out at about 25p per book for schools, which still amazes me every time I type/say it!

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