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      Are you a year 1 teacher or TA? How do you structure reading time in your classroom?

      If you have any tips for how best to inspire year 1 learners on their reading journeys, leave them here!

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      With my year 1 class this academic year, I’ve just worked on building up their stamina to start! Since the pandemic, year 1s just need as much time as possible to learn how to BE in the classroom, so sharing a story during circle time has been something I’ve had to build up to definitely.

      I keep the stories short and engaging (always looking for recommendations!), and try and keep the event of reading as interactive as possible- asking questions about the characters feelings, appearance, actions etc. I try and choose stories with a focus on emotions and empathy where possible.

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        Reading Mate

        It’s interesting to hear your perspective on how the pandemic has impacted your year 1 learners, Sam.

        Thank you for your insight into keeping year 1s engaged with reading in the classroom. I hope that you find Reading Hub useful in your mission!

        We have a list of reading recommendations for KS1 learners that you might want to check out on our blog, I’ll link it here:

        Inspiring KS1 reading books

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        Thank you!

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