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      Hi! I have been tasked with creating a presentation on KS1 reading for parents and wondered if anyone would like to share their perspectives on the “benefits of reading”. There’s a lot online but I wanted to ask in here incase anyone had some novel ideas that I’d missed!!

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      Hi SJ, I wrote something on this topic previously, so will copy and paste some ideas below:

      Reading is an important skill for key stage 1 learners to develop.

      It helps them to improve their literacy, expand their vocabulary and increase their knowledge of the world around them.

      Reading can also be a great entertainment source and help children develop empathy, as they learn about different characters and situations.

      Reading can also help children to develop critical thinking skills, as they learn how to analyze what they have read.

      Finally, reading can help children improve their concentration levels and focus on tasks for longer.

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      Reading helps build vocabulary and comprehension skills. When children read, they come across new words and phrases that they may not have heard before. As they encounter these words, they learn their meanings and how to use them in context. This process helps children develop a more extensive vocabulary, which is essential for their future academic success. Reading also helps children understand the meaning of text and the ability to comprehend what they are reading. It is critical to encourage children to read books that are appropriate for their age and reading level to ensure that they can understand the text and build these essential skills.

      ^ something I wrote for a presentation a few weeks ago!

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