Readingmate: Who Are We?

We want to encourage and inspire long term reading habits in children

Readingmate wants all children to succeed.

Reading should spark joy, ignite imaginations and be a life-long love for your child. 

Founders, Hannah and James, don’t want any child to face barriers when it comes to reading.

Hannah has spent seven years teaching English enriching her students lives with her own love of reading.

Readingmate is the tool for reluctant readers, enthusiastic readers and readers of all abilities.

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Get to know Readingmate and our core values

How can we help to inspire your child's love of reading?

What is it that stops some children from reading?

Prior to learning how to read themselves, children enjoy being read to by others. For some, the transition from listening to a loved one read them a story to learning to read themselves can be incredibly daunting.

Why does it become a chore for some children?

Once an activity goes from being enjoyable to being a requirement, reading can feel like a task or a chore. Reading now carries a weight of responsibility that never used to be there. It’s no wonder some children find it challenging or struggle to adapt!

How do we battle technology?

We realise that technology is a part of your child’s daily life. Screen time and digital formats are becoming the norm (and more stimulating). It’s hard for books or reading to compete. That’s why we’ve created the Readingmate app.

How can we combat the above issues?

We want to solve these problems. That’s why we focus on:

  1. The Readingmate app (to encourage and inspire children to read)
  2. Our learning Hub (to empower parents and educators)
  3. The bookshop that gives back – with every book purchased we donate to educational and children’s charities and schools.

What about the increased challenges for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)?

It’s cliché to say that all children are different. But it’s true. Hannah works with some amazing children with a variety of needs and she believes that all children, regardless of ability, should have access to and find joy in books. That’s why the Readingmate app has been designed with all children in mind.

2 young girls reading a book together

The Readingmate app is designed to develop children’s love for reading books, via the following steps:

Simple, easy to navigate and engaging app

Books based on your child’s choices

Reward system approach to encourage reading

Suitable reads for any age of the child

The Readingmate learning platform is a great place for parents and educators alike!

We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire children of all ages and abilities to engage in a life-long love of reading. But in order to do this, parents and teachers need to be empowered too.

That’s why we have a dedicated Learning Hub full of content and tips. Read our blog posts and watch our videos for practical advice on how to encourage children to read.

Let’s inspire the next generation of readers together.

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Every book you buy through the Readingmate app benefits children's educational charities

When you buy a book through our online store or the Readingmate app you make a difference. 10p goes direct to your selected children’s educational charity and a further 10p goes to schools.

By using the app, you are not only helping your child, but countless others too!

In fact, when you download the app and use it to buy books for your children, you contribute to an entire educational ecosystem. One that supports the education system as a whole. Which in turn supports your child and the next generation of readers!

Enrich the lives of all children with the Readingmate app.

Together we’ll shape the next generation of readers and inspire a life-long love of books in children everywhere.

We're proud to support the following charities:

Coram Beanstalk charity logo Readingmate
The Children's Literacy Charity logo Readingmate
Real Action logo Charity Readingmate