The Love
Literacy Tool

A literacy improvement tool that empowers students, parents and teachers to develop a lifelong love of reading that accelerates progress.

“The core values of Readingmate is what drew me in. Hannah and James understand the integrity, importance and impacts of literacy on children’s overall achievement and opportunities.”

Sean Johnson, Head Teacher


What the tool can do for your school

Fill the gap

Identify students at risk of falling behind and implement targeted solutions to assist with the catch up.

Real time progress updates

Track and monitor literacy progression for every student and keep your reading records all in one easily accessible place.

Take literacy home

Direct insight into the reading habits of your students at home. What they read? How hard they found it? What extra support needs to be put in place?

A lifelong love of reading

Promote, improve and demonstrate how your school inspires a life-long love of reading in your students.





Benefits for Schools and Teachers

A simple way to get started with Readingmate

Get started with the Love Literacy Tool in January 2022, free for the entire 2021/22 academic year.

Introduction, demonstration, enrolment and optimisation handled by your very own School Partnership Manager – to get your school firing on all cylinders in no time.

  • Automated, real time reading age adjustments.
  • Reading records, histories and parental feedback all stored in one place.
  • Personalised reading interventions – with bespoke reading journeys for all students.
  • Weekly, monthly, termly and yearly reports for each student, class and school. To give you the best possible view of what is really going on in your literacy improvement programme.
  • Triangulation of feedback from parents to teachers for the betterment of the student’s learning.
  • Termly School Reviews to make sure you are getting the best out of the software and all of your student’s literacy needs are being met.

Unlimited Access to Thousands of Books, Datapoints and Reading Journeys

Individual Reading Ages Available for
Thousands of Books

Impactful and demonstrable Progress

Take a sneak peak...

Come and check out our simulated test school and start seeing how the Love Literacy Tool can fit into your literacy improvement programme.

Download and check Free demo

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Readingmate Roadmap

8th Jun

Readingmate founded by Hannah and James Rix to promote and improve the future prospects of children.

7th Jan

Beta version of the Readingmate App launched in the UK featuring habit tracking technology to help parents improve their children’s reading.

28th May

Alpha version of the Readingmate App made available in the UK. Enhancements include machine learning technology to track and develop a child’s reading age.

9th Jun

Readingmate’s school bookshop launches in the UK offering competition beating prices and the ability for schools to raise money for their favourite literacy charity through the books they buy.

9th Nov

The launch of the Reading Journal on the Readingmate App. Taking the previous paper based model used by most primary schools into the 21st century.

2nd Dec

The Readingmate Tool demo account is released – allowing primary schools to explore and visualise how this tool can fit into their literacy improvement plans.

3rd Jan

The Readingmate Tool is made available to all Primary Schools in the UK – Free for the rest of the 2021/22 academic year.

2022 and

Planned functionality includes:

  • More reporting functionality allowing schools to dig deeper into the data.
  • Unique reading interventions – proven paths other students have taken to improve their reading.
  • Individual reading lists for each student – no more generic reading lists for school holidays.
  • More information on how each student responds to each genre – giving even greater power to teachers to know what drives engagement in each individual student.
  • Upgrades to our algorithm to make the reading age calculation even more accurate.
  • Another 12,000 age rated books and 600k+ datapoints.

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