Secrets to tackling the January blues and exciting news!

January reminds me of the bounty chocolates in a box of celebrations. They’re the ones no one really likes. They’re the only ones left rattling around in the box when everyone’s gone home. But predictably, every year, they’re never replaced and continue to show up.

Okay maybe that went a bit too far…

You know what I mean though? We all know January is coming. And yet we all act staggered by its bleakness when it eventually rolls around.

I haven’t got the cure to this miserable month. But I have got some handy hacks that’ve helped me deal with it.

  • Get as much daylight as possible – with this being one of the darkest months of the year, getting some actual daylight and fresh air will do you and your mind the world of good.
  • Read a good book – sounds cliché but I honestly find that getting lost between the pages of a book can work as a wonderful distraction. Doesn’t have to be Dickens. Whatever absorbs you for a good 20 minutes is enough (we have a few recommendations for parents on our IG @readingmateapp if you need inspiration).
  • Eat well – nothing drastic just make sure you’re fuelling your body in the best way possible.
  • Drink lots of water – maybe another obvious one but this cannot be overrated! Properly hydrating yourself will clear your mind and make you feel heaps better.
  • Share a story with your children – I’m lucky enough to be able to share stories with my students every day. And there hasn’t been a single time that I don’t enjoy seeing their faces when a character does something silly or when they all join in with a verse.
  • Get crafty – with your kids or without, it doesn’t matter. Doing some drawing, colouring, making sock puppets, whatever it is, requires your full attention. You won’t be on your phone or lost in negative thoughts. Plus you’ll have a wonderful sense of achievement afterwards.
  • Get a calendar and plan ahead – putting some dates in the diary for socialising, self-care or even just going for a walk will keep you looking ahead and stay positive.
January is a long month, but it has an ending. Just as any other month does too.


We’ve also got some amazing people working with us over this month. With the launch of our app and the revamp of our website, we have had some help from the amazing Vicki (@honestmum), Maggy (@redtedart) and Rebecca (@mammabelle18) to name just a few.

Check out their blogs to see some of the fantastic content they’ve created with us!

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