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Parents and Teachers Unite!

The Readingmate app is here to help you encourage and inspire the next generation of readers together!

For teachers:

  • Get pupils inspired at home as well as at school
  • Unify and empower the parent-teacher-child relationship
  • Engage positive reading habits for life
  • Provides a new learning platform that can be shared in class and at home
  • A great way for pupils to use technology positively
  • Perfect for SEN, EAL, and children lacking in confidence

For parents:

  • Encourage regular reading at home
  • Track your child’s progress
  • Connect and strengthen the parent-teacher-child relationship
  • Engage positive reading habits for life
  • Provides a new easy to use learning platform at home
  • Access to hundred of titles to entertain your little ones


What does it cost?

Nothing! It’s FREE!

How does Readingmate give back to you and your school?

Absolutely! In fact, 10p of every book sale will go towards children’s schools and educational charities to fund reading programmes, workshops and educational visits.

And, another 10p will also go to children’s literacy charities to help those with limited access to reading resources. For instance, just a selection of charities we support includes: Book Trust, National Literacy Trust, The Children’s Literacy Charity, Real Action and Coram-Beanstalk.

Will this app be inclusive for children of all abilities including SEN?

Yes. We aim to inspire all children to read. And we really mean it. In fact, all we need to know is what stage they’re at. As well as their likes and dislikes.

And with this information we will collate a bespoke catalogue of books and a rate of progress for each child. So, no matter their age or ability – all children can benefit from Readingmate!

Is it easy for parents and teachers to use?

Of course! Because we have created our app with children, teachers and parents in mind. We know how hard you all work. As a result, we have made our app simple and intuitive. Thus, leaving parents and teachers with a little more free time. And kids with more time to find the joy in books!

Inspiring children to love reading at the touch of a button

Readingmate is an innovative platform for all children to explore and enjoy the world of books.

Using today’s technology, with the Readingmate app children, parents and teachers have immediate access to the wonderful world of books. With hundreds of choices and tailored reading recommendations based on their individual preferences and abilities.

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