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Co-founder and esteemed SEND English teacher, Hannah Rix, releases weekly blogs on key topics of the moment, as well as the most challenging, prescient, controversial and relevant issues facing your child.

We pride ourselves on inspiring children to engage in a life-long love of books and reading!

young girl with pigtails and glasses reading atop a pile of books

How to encourage the right childhood reading behaviours in 5 small steps

As adults, we have the ability to help set our children's long term behaviours.  We want to ensure that we equip them...
Child Doing Homework

The link between reading and school performance

The benefits of reading for children are well known, whether you’re an educator or a parent.  But did you know that there is...
Reading child

How reading can benefit your child

As a parent, discover how reading can benefit your child to ensure they DO their very best at any age.  Reading helps...
Why Readingmate App Exists Blog Post - image of a black father reading to his daughter

Why Readingmate exists

We believe that by making reading a habitual behaviour from an early age, parents will be equipping their children with a life-long love of reading.

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