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The Readingmate blog is your go-to place for the latest articles. Discover helpful tips and practical advice to encourage and inspire budding readers.

The Readingmate blog is stuffed full of interesting articles, seasonal activities, reading hacks and more. Because we want to empower you, by supporting you to help your child succeed on their reading journey! It’s also a great place to find out more about the Readingmate app.

And, because the Readingmate blog is written by our co-founder, Hannah, you’ll get insight from a real teacher to help unlock your child’s potential. Let’s help your child to fall in love with reading, together.

Healthy breakfasts and a teacher’s secrets survival guide for home-schooling (again).

It’s been a cosy and quiet Christmas holiday but I think we’re all now craving order and routine, aren’t we? My toolkit…

New Year's Eve Kids

7 things to do with your kids on New Year’s Eve

Like the rest of 2020, New Year’s Eve is going to be…different. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Which…

free christmas ideas readingmate

Fun, free and festive things to do with your children in the Christmas holidays.

The run up to Christmas 2020 has probably looked quite different to last year. That doesn’t mean it has to be any…

7 Christmas books you need to read with your child this Christmas!

After what feels like the longest year, we’ve made it to December. The jingle bells, twinkling lights and oozing mince pies are…

learning phonics

Learning phonics: 10 quick and easy ways to make your child fearless

Phonics is one of those things that’s mentioned a lot but not many people (unless you’re born after 2005 or a teacher)…

child on world book day wearing a cat in the hat costume -fear of reading how to help

Is your child frightened to read? 5 proven ways to get your child to conquer reading today!

What do you do if you find that your child isn’t delighted to stuck into their next copy of Biff and Chip?…

How to not be afraid of your child’s homework – top tips to hack it and save time!

How many of you get that dread when opening your child’s homework or book bag? It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve got the kids…

child smart phone

Is your smart phone really destroying your child’s health?

Raise your hand if you have a smart phone. Keep your hand up if your child knows how to use it. And…

happy children reading

Proven and tested tips to make your child healthier and happier

It’s no secret that we are living in uncertain times. If you’re anything like us, you’re also sick of hearing people talk…

Secret teacher hacks that will make your child an amazing writer

Perhaps writing isn’t at the top of your agenda right now. You may be more concerned about making sure they’re eating enough…

What’s the secret to keeping your child reading during the holidays? [Half team reading tips!]

Just like that, here we (some of us anyway) are at half term holidays. I have mentioned before how much I love…

girls vs boys - do boys read less

Girls Vs Boys: Is it true boys read less?

One of my first independent research studies I conducted whilst doing my PGCE was looking at how I could engage boys with…

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