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The Readingmate blog is your go-to place for the latest articles. Discover helpful tips and practical advice to encourage and inspire budding readers.

The Readingmate blog is stuffed full of interesting articles, seasonal activities, reading hacks and more. Because we want to empower you, by supporting you to help your child succeed on their reading journey! It’s also a great place to find out more about the Readingmate app.

And, because the Readingmate blog is written by our co-founder, Hannah, you’ll get insight from a real teacher to help unlock your child’s potential. Let’s help your child to fall in love with reading, together.

Blissful and inexpensive tips to maintain self-care in lockdown and 5 brilliant kid’s books to help them too.

I don’t know about you, but I am increasingly finding myself blurring the lines between ‘outdoor’ attire and ‘bedroom’ attire. I’m finding…

4 surprising reasons every child should love to read

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can leave us feeling empty and alone or warm and fuzzy. There’s definitely been…

8 amazing books I’d love every child to read.

As an English teacher you get very used to answering the question, ‘what’s your favourite book?’ I’ve always struggled to come up…

Truths about losing a loved one and 5 ways reading helped me deal with my mum’s death.

Cancer is a bugger. 3 short years ago I lost my mum to a gruesome battle with cancer. How often do you…

6 easy ways to raise your child to be a reader and amazing guilt-free snacks

Any parent would agree that having their child is the biggest achievement to date. You’re proud of your child’s very being. Every…

Secrets to tackling the January blues and exciting news!

January reminds me of the bounty chocolates in a box of celebrations. They’re the ones no one really likes. They’re the only…

6 things I wish I could tell every parent…

Whether it’s at the hairdresser or in the supermarket, if I mention I am an English teacher, the first response is ‘Ohhh!…

Healthy breakfasts and a teacher’s secrets survival guide for home-schooling (again).

It’s been a cosy and quiet Christmas holiday but I think we’re all now craving order and routine, aren’t we? My toolkit…

New Year's Eve Kids

7 things to do with your kids on New Year’s Eve

Like the rest of 2020, New Year’s Eve is going to be…different. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Which…

free christmas ideas readingmate

Fun, free and festive things to do with your children in the Christmas holidays.

The run up to Christmas 2020 has probably looked quite different to last year. That doesn’t mean it has to be any…

7 Christmas books you need to read with your child this Christmas!

After what feels like the longest year, we’ve made it to December. The jingle bells, twinkling lights and oozing mince pies are…

learning phonics

Learning phonics: 10 quick and easy ways to make your child fearless

Phonics is one of those things that’s mentioned a lot but not many people (unless you’re born after 2005 or a teacher)…

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