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The Readingmate blog is stuffed full of interesting articles, seasonal activities, reading hacks and more. Because we want to empower you, by supporting you to help your child succeed on their reading journey! It’s also a great place to find out more about the Readingmate app.

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5 reasons your child should be reading more non-fiction

When it comes to reading, fiction has always been my go-to. I need to escape from the craziness of today and forget…

How reading for meaning could unlock your child’s reading potential.

When you settle down with your little ones for a story, I doubt you’re monitoring how much they’re understanding the text’s structure…

The power of poetry: How poetry can shape your child as a reader.

Poetry books were never at the top of my reading pile as a child or young adult. It wasn’t until I began…

Surprising strength of numbers (especially when it comes to reading).

Books are friends hoping to be met, worlds ready to be explored and mysteries waiting to be solved. It’s these attributes that…

The books that shaped me and 6 brilliant books to share with your children.

It’s no secret that We’re Going on a Bear Hunt holds a very big and special place in my heart. This book,…

Book review of, ‘The Twisted Threads of Polly Freeman’ by Pippa Goodhart

  In The Twisted Threads of Polly Freeman, Pippa Goodhart accomplishes a feat I’d thought impossible: she writes a historical novel with…

Is spelling really that important?

I am not naturally good at spelling. In fact, I rely heavily on writing words down, sounding out phonics or even asking…

How to spot dyslexia and why it’s not a barrier to your child’s learning.

Dyslexia was (and still is) a diagnosis that gets thrown around too much in schools. I know we’ve all fallen victim to…

The surprising influence of Dads and 6 books that showcase excellent fathers.

My Dad was many things when I was growing up, a great runner and swimmer, avid film and theatre buff, tenor in…

How phonics can improve your child’s speech and 5 fun activities to help you practice.

Every parent probably now knows (all too well) the ins and outs or the (oo’s and oa’s) of practicing phonics thanks to…

Terrifying truths of school assessments and how our national curriculum is flawed.

Over the years I’ve had many discussions with parents and pupils about why their child needs to know the difference between a…

Why we should treasure bedtime stories and 5 wonderful books that should be in every child’s bedroom.

The job of being a parent can feel all-consuming. When bedtime eventually rolls around, you’re emotionally, mentally and physically spent. Sometimes it…

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