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Reading With Fluency: Are We In The Midst Of A Reading Crisis?

Are our learners facing an educational crisis? The Sunday Times reported that ‘some “some 11-year-olds [are] only able to understand books suitable for six-year-olds”.

Hundreds Of Books In Our Free Children’s Digital Library

1 in 8 disadvantaged children in the UK don’t have a book of their own. This is a shocking statistic, and it’s…

The Educational Coach: Reading Motivation and Progress Monitoring

This week we have a very special guest featuring on our Readingmate Blog – Julie Keyes is an executive coach and consultant…

Loss of Learning: How Harmful are the Summer Holidays?

It’s suggested that 40% of our children’s learning is lost over summer holidays (Forbes, 2020). The school holiday debate has been doing…

Signs that a Child is Having Difficulty with Reading

As a keen reader, I’ve often found myself throughout my teaching career taking the skill of reading completely for granted. Like many…

Good Reading at Home is the Best Thing for a Child: Here’s Why

Parents are the masters of multi-tasking. Cooking dinner and calling the in-laws, feeding one child, and reading a story to another, they’re…

How to develop a growth mindset in children

By the end of January, those resolutions we made for ourselves can feel like a distant memory (I know mine have vanished...

The power of reading in a digital age

Reading strengthens our knowledge, expands our imaginations and develops our understanding unlike any other media. It also helps us become compassionate, empathetic…

The dark side of school closures

I would be lying if I said I didn’t used to love school closures here and there (the break was a relief)….

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