A letter to our mums and 5 of the best mothers from children’s books that your kids will love too…

Mothers are extraordinary people and every single one of them should be celebrated on this day and every day. Here’s my letter to each and every one of you amazing beings:

To the mums of little ones who blissfully recall long, uninterrupted showers, drinking coffee whilst it’s still hot and a sweet and peaceful night’s sleep.

 You’re the mums in the thick of it but also trying to constantly ‘cherish the good ol’ days’ because you know if you blink, you’ll miss it.

 The mums who’ve been thrown into the furnace but don’t loose face. The mums who sneak to the toilet with a packet of crisps for a moment’s quiet and no risk of having to share yourself or your food.

To the mums whose kids are grown up. To our mums that have spared seeing their grandchildren for an entire year. The mums who remember simpler times with dodgy haircuts.

To the mums who’ve passed on generations of recipes and who bend the rules for grandchildren in a way they never would’ve for their children.

To the mums of sons who forget every year and receive cards that have been bought by organised wives.

To the mums who are having an extra tough Mother’s Day because it’s the first one since. Or it’s been ten years but it’s still not any easier.

To the one-day-it’ll-be-my-turn mums who are still waiting for those two little lines to show up.

To the mums who feel like they’re drowning and they’re not sure how they will get through the next hour. You can and you will because you’ve made it this far.

To the mums who have it all together no matter what storm they’re facing.

To the mums whose babies live far away. You haven’t held them in your arms for years and have forgotten the smell of their hair.

To the mums whose babies are sleeping in the other room, and to the ones whose babies seem to never ever sleep.

To those who never had a mum but had amazing grandparents, dads, step-parents, foster parents. Those who know that a mother’s love comes in many shapes and forms, but the feelings remain the same.

Whatever this day is for you, I hope you spend it being pampered. By your kids, your husband, your pets or yourself. There’s 24 hours in this day just like there was in yesterday and will be in tomorrow.


If it’s sadness or happiness I’d like to share with you some of the most incredible fictional mums that are guaranteed to fill your hearts with joy:

Miss Honey from Matilda

– I have read this book and seen the film so many times because I so wanted Miss Honey to be my mum. Her kindness knows no limits and she nurtured Matilda in spite of the trouble it could cause.

Molly Weasley from Harry Potter

– Fierce and definitely not one to be messed with but her excellent humour and generosity towards Harry is truly heart-warming.

Marilla Cuthbert from Anne Of Green Gables

– She doesn’t suffer fools and yet somehow managed to put up with Anne Shirley and though she was expecting a boy orphan to help around the farm, she took Anne into her home and her heart.

Marmee in Little Women

– The most saintly of all fictional mothers. She makes sure her daughters are educated, independent and even though they’re poor she encourages her girls to marry for love rather than money.


“I shall take the heart,” returned the Tin Woodman; “for brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world.”
– The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

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